Self help

The Reading Well Scheme

Tameside Libraries are offering a Reading Well scheme for young people and their parents and carers via GPs, health professionals and other people who work with young people. The national scheme has produced a list of 35 high quality self-help books

Many of the books in the scheme are self-help titles. They will give you advice and information and set you things to do to help you feel better. Click on the link above to find out how you can access the scheme.



is a website which focuses on ways digital media can support young people’s mental health. It has a series of digital resources aimed at boosting young people’s mental health, also providing information for parents and professionals who want to learn more about mental health resources to support young people.


is a mood tracker app that is simple and versatile. It allows you to track your mood and activity every day giving you a diary of how you have been feeling and help you identify triggers for the way you are feeling.


is a free web and app based programme that helps build personal resilience: the ability to stay strong, motivated, and optimistic even in the face of difficult challenges. This is for young people over the age of 13 who want to feel happier and less anxious.


is a free app designed to help young people cope with anxiety offering strategies to help you manage this.

Self-help Anxiety Management

is an app designed to help you understand and manage anxiety. It looks at what causes anxiety, monitors anxious thoughts and behaviours over time, looking at different anxiety management strategies you can use.