The Phoenix team support children and young people who are at risk of or who are being sexually exploited. Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse and can affect children and young people from all backgrounds. You may be in a relationship with someone who you think loves you but if you are being asked to perform sexual activities on others or them on you in return for gifts, drugs alcohol, affection or money then is CSE and this process is called grooming. CSE can happen within a relationship with one person or within groups, and sometimes young people can be groomed online. If you are worried that this may be happening to you the Phoenix Team can help.

If the situation is immediately dangerous then ring 999 and ask for the Police.

If not call the Public Service Hub:

Monday to Friday during office hours – 0161 342 4101.

Monday to Friday outside office hours and weekends and public holidays – 0161 342 2222.